MikroTik RouterOS 6.34.x (Stable)

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Подробное описание изменений в MikroTik RouterOS 6.34.x (Stable). Официальный список исправленных ошибок, добавленного функционала и прочих доработок. Дата выхода первого набора изменений – 29 января 2016, дата выхода последнего набора изменений – 24 марта 2016.

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MikroTik RouterOS 6.34

Дата выхода: 29 января 2016


  • mipsle - architecture support dropped (last fully supported version 6.32.x);
  • dude - The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated;
  • dude - dude RouterOS package added for tile and x86 (CHR) architecture;
  • dude - package included by default to all CHR images;
  • dude - initial work on dude integration into RouterOS;
  • bgp vpls - fixed initialization after reboot;
  • mpls - forwarding of VRF over TE tunnel stopped working after BGP peer reset;
  • ipsec - improved TCP performance on CCRs;
  • btest - significantly increased TCP bandwidth test performance;
  • winbox - fixed possible busy-loop on v2.x with latest 6.34RC versions;
  • cerm - allow to sign certificates from imported CAs created with RouterOS;
  • ldp - fix MPLS PDU max length;
  • net - improve 64bit interface stats support;
  • routerboard - print factory-firmware version in routerboard menu;
  • snmp - add oid from ucd mib for total cpu load OID;
  • winbox - add extra items automatically to multi-line fields if at least one of them is required;
  • winbox - implemented full ipv6 dhcp client;
  • winbox - update blocked flag if user changed blocked field in dhcp server lease;
  • mac-telnet - fixed backspace when typing login username;
  • sstp - allow ECDHE when pfs enabled;
  • lte - fixed info command for Cinterion EHS5-E modem;
  • fast-path - fixed kernel crash on on/off;
  • licensing - fixed that some old 7 symbol keys could not be upgraded;
  • ssh - fixed possible kernel crash;
  • console - fixed crash on creating variable with "?" in it;
  • chr - fix SSH key import on AWS;
  • crs212 - fix 1Gbps ether1 linking problem;
  • timezone - use backward timezone aliases;
  • lte - support serial port for DellWireless 5570;
  • lte - improved dhcp handling on interfaces that doesn't support it;
  • ipsec - allow my-id address specification in main mode;
  • dhcpv6 client - fix remove when client reappears on restart;
  • default config - fix hAP lite with one wireless;
  • firewall - added inversion support for "limit" option;
  • firewall - added bit rate matching for "limit" option;
  • firewall - improved performance for "limit" option;
  • dhcpv6-client - fix ia lifetime check;
  • ipsec - prioritize proposals;
  • ipsec - support multiple DH groups for phase 1;
  • netinstall - fix apply default config;
  • tile - make sure that SFP rj45 modules that use forced 1G FD settings work correctly after system reboot;
  • wireless - added WPS buttons support on hAP and hAP ac lite;
  • upnp - added comment for dynamic dst-nat rules to inform what host/program required it;
  • webfig - recognize properly CHR;
  • chr - license fix for AWS and similar solutions;
  • arm - fix usb modem modules on ARM;
  • dhcpv6-client - fixed stopped state;
  • netinstall - sort packages by name;
  • firewall - do not allow to add new rule before built-in (reverted);
  • winbox - include FP in fast-path column names;
  • ipsec - fix phase2 hmac-sha-256-128 truncation len from 96 to 128

This will break compatibility with all previous versions and any other currently compatible software using sha256 hmac for phase2;

  • ssh, ftp - make read, write user group policy aware;
  • tunnel - fix keep-alive (introduced in 6.34rc);
  • cerm - show last crl update time;
  • quicket - support CAP mode on all existing wireless packages;
  • wlan - add united states3 country;
  • fast-path - fix locking issue which could lead to reboot loop (introduced in 6.34rc20);
  • userman4 - try loading signup files from db path first;
  • sstp - allow to limit tls version to v1.2 only;
  • chr - make tool profile work on 64bit x86;
  • dhcpv6-server - added binding server=all option;
  • hotspot - added html-directory-override & recognize default hotspot user;
  • hotspot - fixed export of default trial user;
  • hotspot - fixed memory leak on https requests;
  • winbox - allow to specify amsdu-limit & amsdu-threshold on 11n wifi cards;
  • winbox - added multicast-buffering & keepalive-frames settings to wireless interfaces;
  • CHR - implemented trial support for different CHR speed tiers;
  • dhcpv6-client - fix add route/address;
  • usb - enable ch341 serial module;
  • lte - make sure that both LTE miniPCI-e cards are recognized;
  • winbox - show Common-Name of certificates in certificate list;
  • winbox - added units to PCQ queue fields;
  • net - do not break connection when interface is added to bridge;
  • hotspot - show cookie add/remove events in hotspot,debug log;
  • hotspot - allow static entries with the same mac on multiple hotspot servers;
  • hotspot - do not remove mac-cookie in case of radius timeout;
  • hotspot - added byte limits option for default-trial users;
  • ipsec - make sure that dynamic policy always has dynamic flag;
  • CAPsMAN - use CAP name in log when remote-cap is deleted (wireless-cm2);
  • hotspot - fixed login by mac-cookie when roaming among hotspot servers;
  • hotspot - add html-directory-override for read-only directory on usb flash;
  • hotspot - add uptime, byte and packet counter variables to logout script;
  • net - fix statistics counters jumping up to 4G;
  • firewall - SIP helper update for newer Cisco phones;
  • usermanager - fixed usermanager web page crash;
  • ipsec - fixed active SAs flushing;
  • hotspot - added option to login user manually from cli;
  • hotspot - fixed trial-uptime parsing from CLI to Winbox/Webfig;
  • lte - added support for multiple E3372 on the same device;
  • modem - added wpd-600n ppp support;
  • console - fixed incorrect disabled firewall rule matching to "invalid flag";
  • dns - fix for situation when dynamic dns servers could disappear;
  • sfp - fix 10g ports in 1g mode (introduced in 6.34rc1);
  • CCR1072 - added support for S-RJ01 SFP modules;
  • trafficgen - fixed issue that traffic-generator could not be started twice without reboot;
  • dhcpv6-server - replace delay option with preference option.

MikroTik RouterOS 6.34.1

Дата выхода: 2 февраля 2016


  • interface - fixed stats that were 8x smaller;
  • traffic-monitor - fixed stats that were 8x smaller;
  • smips - properly detect smips boards for winbox & webfig.

MikroTik RouterOS 6.34.2

Дата выхода: 18 февраля 2016


  • dude - updated to the latest Release Candidate revision (v6.35rc11);
  • dude - (changes discussed here: http://forum.mikrotik.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=104395);
  • chr - fixed high rate limitation;
  • dhcpv6 client - fix pd hint with empty address;
  • ipsec - fix console peer aes enc algorithm display;
  • l2tp - ipsec peer & policy sometimes was not removed after l2tp interface disable;
  • log - try not to loose disk messages and warn if lost any;
  • lte - fix allowed bands for RBSXTLTE3-7;
  • pptp - fixed kernel crash when receiving fragmented packet with fragmented header;
  • proxy - store error.html on flash if it is available;
  • ssh - fixed connection stalling;
  • ssh - make export verbose work;
  • switch - make "sa-learning=yes" by default when adding Ingress VLAN Translation rules;
  • tile - fixed possible kernel failure with disabled watchdog timer caused by DDoS attack;
  • ups - fix waiting for AC power restore in hibernate mode;
  • winbox - added factory-firmware field to system/routerboard;
  • winbox - fixed email address saving;
  • winbox - fixed multi value field display (i.e. web proxy ports);
  • winbox - fixed incomplete ARP entries are not refreshed;
  • www - fixed www crash.

MikroTik RouterOS 6.34.3

Дата выхода: 9 марта 2016


  • ccr1072 - fix traffic halting when sfp+ 1-4 or 5-8 where all disabled;
  • chr - fixed crash when layer7 firewall option used;
  • fetch - fixed TTFP download;
  • gre - fixed memory leak;
  • lcd - fixed security screen did not show ip addresses on ccr;
  • netinstall - fixed link negotiation for different sfp modules;
  • ppp - fixed ppp crash;
  • queue-tree - improved nested queue limit calculation;
  • ssh - fixed crash on failed scp read;
  • winbox - allow to set multiple dh-groups;
  • winbox - do not show fan statuses in passive cooling CCR1009;
  • winbox - fixed typo in "echo reply";
  • winbox - fixed unset options in /routing ospf interface menu.

MikroTik RouterOS 6.34.4

Дата выхода: 24 марта 2016


  • bonding - fixed crash on bonding slave release;
  • bonding - fixed mac-address disappearance after reboot in specific setups;
  • chr - fixed reboots with license and queues;
  • console - allow unknown scan-list names on wireless configuration to fix import;
  • ethernet - fixed Netmetal, QRT, DynaDish, SXT ac linking at 10/100Mbps (introduced in 6.34.x);
  • fastpath - fixed rare kernel failure;
  • ipsec - take into account ip protocol in kernel policy matcher;
  • mac-winbox - try to aggregate packets & resend all pending packets on timeout;
  • ppp - do not crash when received multiple CBCP packets;
  • ppp - fixed crash when ppp interface gets disconnected and user gets authenticated at the same time (most probable with slow RADIUS server);
  • quickset - fixed wan interface selection on devices with SFP interfaces;
  • quickset - use 5GHz interface instead of 2GHz interface on SXT Lite5 ac;
  • rb3011 - fixed high cpu load breaks ethernet stats;
  • rb3011 - fixed link down messages;
  • romon - fixed romon discovery after romon ID change;
  • timezone - fixed reboot by watchdog when selecting timezones from the end of list;
  • userman - fixed www crash;
  • winbox - allow to show revoked & authority flags at the same time;
  • winbox - correctly recognise if there is need to report fan information under system health;
  • winbox - do not use area v2 names instead of ospf v3 area names;
  • winbox - make mac-winbox work with RB850.
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