MikroTik RouterOS 6.32.x (Long-term)

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Подробное описание изменений в MikroTik RouterOS 6.32.x (Long-term). Официальный список исправленных ошибок, добавленного функционала и прочих доработок. Дата выхода первого набора изменений – 19 октября 2015, дата выхода последнего набора изменений – 9 февраля 2016.

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MikroTik RouterOS 6.32.4

Дата выхода: 9 февраля 2016

Изменения относительно версии 6.34:

  • address-list - properly remove unused address-lists from drop-downs;
  • arp - show incomplete ARP entries;
  • bridge - fixed power-cycle-ping for bridge ports (was affecting all bridge);
  • bridge firewall - fixed crash when jump rule points to disabled custom chain;
  • btest - fix potential crash after btest release;
  • btest - improve UDP tx rate precision;
  • crypto - fixed kernel failure in talitos HW encryption;
  • dhcpv6-client - fix DNS address assignement;
  • dhcpv6-client - set correct parameters when rapid commit is used
  • e-mail - do not reset server address after changing configuration;
  • email - make password field sensitive in console.
  • ethernet - fixed link resetting on power-cycle-ping value change;
  • fastpath - fixed possible kernel failure on multi core systems;
  • fastpath - show fp counters in /interface monitor aggregate;
  • fetch - added 30 second connection time-out;
  • fetch - fixed closure after 30 seconds;
  • hotspot - added missing favicon.ico in hotspot html pages;
  • hotspot - fixed missing image at login;
  • ipsec - fixed kernel failure after underlying tunnel has been disabled/enabled;
  • kernel - general improvement for core process scheduling;
  • lcd - fixed LCD crash on fast disable/enable;
  • lcd - refresh LCD after display command is executed;
  • led - add WLAN led to RB951Ui
  • log - log link up/down events only when link actually has changed its state;
  • log - reopen log file if deleted;
  • lte - improve support Sierra Wireless 320U;
  • lte - speed up first time connection to LTE network on SXT LTE;
  • net - apply slave config only if master config has been changed;
  • net - do not show L2MTU in VLAN compact export;
  • netinstall - fix branding pack parsing;
  • netwatch - make work with ping time-out more precise;
  • packages - show version tag when no bundle is installed.
  • packing - fix tcp/udp checksums when simple packing is used;
  • ppp - do not allow empty name ppp secrets;
  • ppp - fixed dynamic filter rule adding on some firewall filter configurations;
  • ppp - make PPP active print radius & !radius conditions work;
  • romon - allow to see device identity if it is longer than 31 character;
  • romon - do not accept multicast id;
  • romon - fixed crash on RoMON if fast-path was active;
  • smb - fix crash when changing user which has open session;
  • smb - fixed SMB share crash when connection was cancelled;
  • smb - show correct interface name in SMB debug logs;
  • ssh - avoid double session clean-up;
  • ssh - fix active user accounting;
  • ssh - fix key exchange when first kex packet follows.
  • ssh - fix session clean-up;
  • sshd - resolved shared secret mismatch issue;
  • tile - fix ipsec freeze after SA updates;
  • tile - fixed kernel failure on HW encryption;
  • upnp - fixed memory leak;
  • upnp - fixed missing in-interface option for dynamic dst-nat rules;
  • vrrp - allow VRRP to work behind firewall and NAT rules;
  • vrrp - do not warn about version mismatch if VRID does not match;
  • vrrp - fix arp=reply-only;
  • vrrp - fix enabling disabled vrrp interface when vrrp program has exited;
  • vrrp - fixed on-backup script;
  • vrrp - make sure that VRRP gets state on bootup;
  • webfig - didn't show zero values in CRS ingress/egress VLAN translation rules;
  • webfig - fixed firewall connection-bytes option;
  • webfig - show correctly SFP Tx/Rx;
  • winbox - added + & - to IGMP proxy MFC;
  • winbox - allow to specify traffic-monitor threshold in k & M units + specify that those are bits;
  • winbox - do not send any changes on OK button press if nothing has been changed;
  • winbox - fixed tab names to correspond to console;
  • winbox - fixed tab names to correspond to console;
  • winbox - renamed power-cycle-ping-interval to power-cycle-ping-timeout;
  • winbox - show dhcp server name in dhcp leases;
  • winbox - show fast-path per interface counters;
  • winbox - show only actual switch-cpu ports in switch setting combobox;
  • winbox - show properly route-distinguisher for bgp vpn4;
  • winbox/webfig - fixed version column ordering in ip neighbors list.

MikroTik RouterOS 6.32.3

Дата выхода: 19 октября 2015


  • switch - fixed CRS settings set back to defaults after a reboot;
  • netinstall - include missing RB1200 drivers;
  • firewall - fixed connection-rate matcher;
  • ppp, pptp, l2tp, pppoe: fixed router dead locked if compression was enabled on link;
  • quickset - create proper firewall rules when PPPoE is used for address acquisition;
  • sstp - fixed kernel crash when other party started to fragment ppp packets in the middle;
  • ippool6 - optimize same prefix acquisition;
  • winbox - Shift+Ins & Shift+Del did not work in multi entry fields;
  • winbox - allow to specify ipv6 address in traffic flow target;
  • winbox - allow to specify eap-radius-accounting in CAPsMAN;
  • winbox - allow to enter dns name in email server;
  • ups - fix console oid print;
  • tunnel - fix loopback keepalives on gre and ipip;
  • pptp,l 2tp, sstp, pppoe: do not send data packets before we have negotiated connection with other side (happens on dial-on-demand interfaces), this brakes when connecting to other party servers;
  • pptp, l2tp, sstp - make it work when add-default-route & dial-on-demand both are enabled;
  • pptp, l2tp, sstp, pppoe clients - fixed problem where they failed to connect at startup and only reboot helped;
  • nv2 - fixed kernel failure with frame size accounting;
  • ovpn client - fixed crash when ovpn didn't receive it's ip address;
  • lcd - fix slideshow for CCR1072, and possible sign issues for temperatures;
  • winbox - make console notice correct screen size;
  • ssh - allow to specify pass as argument for private key import;
  • winbox - refetch hotspot walled garden hit counter;
  • winbox - added client-connections & server-connections to web proxy status;
  • cerm - fix scep server certificate-reply degenerate PKCS#7 signed-data content;
  • bgp - specific BGP networks were changed to different ones;
  • cerm - allow export for all types except templates;
  • wlan - update brazil-anatel country;
  • winbox - fixed context menu actions to apply to all selected items.
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