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What's new in 6.7 (2013-Nov-29 13:37):

  • support Android usb tethering interface;
  • ipsec - added aes-gcm icv16 encryption mode;
  • wireless - improve rate selection for nstreme protocol
  • poe - new poe controller firmware for RB750UP and OmniTIK UPA;
  • ipsec - added aes-ctr encryption mode;
  • leds - inverted modem signal trigger, now it will trigger when the signal

level rises above the treshold;

  • ipsec - added sha256 and sha512 support;
  • ipsec - proposal defaults changed to aes-128 and sha1 for both phase1 and phase2;
  • certificate - support ip, dns and email subject alternative names;
  • dhcpv4 server - added REMOTE_ID option variable for relayed packets;
  • ipsec - fix policy bypass on IPv6 gre, ipip, eoip tunnels when policy

uses protocol filter;

  • userman - fix crash on tilera;
  • fixed hairpin nat on bridge with use-ip-firewall=yes;
  • fixed vlan on bridge after reboot having 00:00:00:00:00:00 mac address;
  • address-list - allow manually adding timeoutable entries;
  • address-list - show dynamic entry timeout;
  • fixed l2mtu changing on CCRs - could cause port flapping;
  • disabling/enabling ethernet ports did not work properly on CCRs,

could cause port flapping;

  • fixed port flapping on CCR - could happen when having other than

only-hardware-queue interface queue. Note that having other interface queue than only-hardware-queue dramatically reduces performace, so should be avoided if possible;