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What's new in 6.6 (2013-Nov-07 13:04):

  • winbox - fixed problem where all previous session opened windows were read only;
  • certificate - no more 'reset-certificate-cache' and 'decrypt' commands,

private keys can be decrypted only on 'import', use 'decrypt' before upgrade if needed;

  • fixed arp-reply only with more than one ip address on interface;
  • fixed RB400 not to reboot by watchdog during micro-sd format;
  • web proxy - fix SPDY server push handling;
  • certificate - merged '/certificate ca issued', '/certificate scep client' and

'/certificate templates' into '/certificate';

  • console - :foreach command can iterate over keys and values in an array,

by specifying two counter variables, e.g.:

foreach k,v in=[/system clock get] do={:put "$k is $v"};
  • added support for new Intel 10Gb ethernet cards (82599);
  • certificates - fixed certificate import;
  • wireless - fixed crash when dfs was enabled on pre-n wireless cards;
  • fixed port flapping on CCR;