Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.46.1

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зменения в 6.46.1 (2019-Dec-13 12:44):И

  • capsman - fixed CAP upgrading (introduced in v6.46);
  • console - fixed "clear-history" restoring historic actions after power cycle;
  • console - removed "edit" and "set" actions from "System/History" menu;
  • defconf - fixed default configuration loading after fresh install (introduced in v6.46);
  • dhcpv6-server - use lease time from RADIUS;
  • dude - fixed image and font file accessing (introduced in v6.46);
  • gps - only adjust system time after GPS signal is established;
  • health - fixed health reporting on OmniTIK 5 PoE ac;
  • ipsec - improved system stability when processing decrypted packet on unregistered interface;
  • l2tp - improved system stability when disconnecting many clients at once;
  • log - fixed "disk-file-name" parameter validation (introduced in v6.46);
  • lora - added support for MIPSBE, PPC, TILE and x86 architectures;
  • lora - improved confirmed downlink forwarding;
  • lte - do not reset modem when setting the same SIM slot on LtAP;
  • lte - show SIM error when no card is present;
  • ppp - fixed session establishment with high amount of tunnels (introduced in v6.46);
  • ppp - prioritize "remote-ipv6-prefix-pool" from PPP secret over PPP profile;
  • qsfp - do not show "sfp-wavelength" for cables that do not support it;
  • snmp - fixed health related OID polling (introduced in v6.46);
  • supout - fixed autosupout.rif file generation (introduced in v6.46);
  • system - fixed "*.auto.rsc" file execution (introduced in v6.46);
  • user-manager - fixed "db-path" parameter validation (introduced in v6.46);
  • webfig - fixed skin folder presence (introduced in v6.46);
  • winbox - fixed "allowed-number" parameter setting invalid value in "Tool/SMS" menu;
  • winbox - show "LCD" menu only on boards that have LCD screen;
  • wireless - added "russia4" regulatory domain information;
  • wireless - improved compatibility by adding default installation mode and gain for devices with integrated antennas;
  • wireless - improved compatibility for Switzerland wireless country profile to improve compliance with ETSI regulations;