Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.42.6

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Изменения в 6.42.6 (2018-Jul-06 11:56):

  • bridge - improved packets processing when bridge port changes states;
  • crs3xx - fixed bonding slave failover when packets are sent out of the bridge interface;
  • crs3xx - fixed LACP member failover;
  • crs3xx - improved link state detection when one side has disabled interface;
  • defconf - fixed bridge default configuration for SOHO devices with more than 9 Ethernet interfaces;
  • package - free up used storage space consumed by old RouterOS upgrades;
  • snmp - fixed w60g "phy-rate" readings;
  • supout - added "ip-cloud" section to supout file;
  • w60g - fixed random disconnects;
  • w60g - general stability and performance improvements;
  • winbox - added 64,8 GHz frequency to w60g interface frequency settings;
  • winbox - show "sector-writes" on devices that have such counters;