Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.42.1

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Изменения в 6.42.1 (2018-Apr-23 10:46):

!) winbox - fixed vulnerability that allowed to gain access to an unsecured router;

  • bridge - fixed hardware offloading for MMIPS and PPC devices;
  • bridge - fixed LLDP packet receiving;
  • crs3xx - fixed failing connections through bonding in bridge;
  • ike2 - use "policy-template-group" parameter when picking proposal as initiator;
  • led - added "dark-mode" functionality for hAP ac and hAP ac^2 devices;
  • led - improved w60g alignment trigger;
  • lte - allow to send "at-chat" command over disabled LTE interface;
  • routerboard - fixed "mode-button" support on hAP lite r2 devices;
  • w60g - allow to manually set "tx-sector" value;
  • w60g - fixed incorrect RSSI readings;
  • w60g - show phy rate on "/interface w60g monitor" (CLI only);
  • winbox - fixed bridge port MAC learning parameter values;
  • winbox - show "Switch" menu on cAP ac devices;
  • winbox - show correct "Switch" menus on CRS328-24P-4S+;
  • wireless - improved compatibility with BCM chipset devices;