Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.41.4

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Изменения в 6.41.4 (2018-Apr-05 12:23):

!) tile - improved overall system performance and stability ("/system routerboard upgrade" required);

  • led - fixed unused "link-act-led" LED trigger on RBLHG 2nD, RBLHG 2nD-XL and RBSXTsq 2nD;
  • led - removed unused "link-act-led" trigger for devices which does not use it;
  • netinstall - sign Netinstall executable with an Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate;
  • poe - do not show "poe-out-current" on devices which can not determine it;
  • poe - hide PoE related properties on interfaces which does not provide power output;
  • winbox - made UDP local and remote TX size parameters optional in Bandwidth Test tool;
  • winbox - show dual SIM options only for RouterBOARDs which does have two SIM slots;
  • winbox - use proper graph name for HDD graphs;
  • wireless - enable all chains by default on devices without external antennas after configuration reset;