Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.41.3

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Изменения в MikroTik RouterOS 6.41.3 (2018-Mar-08 11:55):

!) tile - improved overall system performance and stability ("/system routerboard upgrade" required);

  • chr - automatically generate new system ID on first startup;
  • console - do not allow variables that start with digit to be referenced without "$" sign;
  • defconf - fixed DISC Lite5 LED default configuration;
  • export - fixed "/system routerboard mode-button" compact export;
  • filesystem - improved error correction process on RB1100AHx4 storage;
  • firewall - fixed "tls-host" firewall feature (introduced in v6.41);
  • gps - added GPS port support for Quectel EC25-E modem when used in LTE mode;
  • lte - fixed r11-LTE-US interface initialization process after reboot;
  • romon - make "secret" field sensitive in console;
  • smb - improved NetBIOS name handling and stability;
  • snmp - fixed w60g SSID value;
  • tile - fixed bogus voltage readings;
  • tr069-client - fixed TR069 service becoming unavailable when related service package is not available;
  • usb - improved packet processing over USB modems;
  • winbox - fixed "/tool e-mail send" attachment behavior;
  • winbox - fixed maximal ID for Traffic Generator stream;
  • winbox - removed "Enable" and "Disable" buttons from IPsec "mode-config" list;
  • winbox - show "D" flag under "/ip dhcp-client" menu;
  • wireless - removed unused "/interface wireless registration-table monitor" command;