Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.41.2

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Изменения в MikroTik RouterOS 6.41.2 (2018-Feb-06 12:29):

  • bridge - fixed ARP settings on bridge interfaces (introduced v6.41);
  • discovery - fixed discovery interface list change;
  • disk - fixed disk related processes becoming unresponsive after unplugging used disk;
  • filesystem - fixed situations when "/flash" directory lost files after upgrade;
  • ppp - do not lose "/ppp profile" script configuration after other profile parameters are edited;
  • routerboard - properly report warnings under "/system routerboard" menu;
  • snmp - added w60g support;
  • w60g - fixed "/interface w60g reset-configuration";
  • webfig - fixed backup loading from Webfig on RouterBOARD running default configuration;
  • winbox - changed default bridge port PVID value to 1;
  • wireless - fixed wireless protocol mode restrictions if lockpack is installed and has limits for it;