Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.40.2

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Изменения в MikroTik RouterOS 6.40.2 (2017-Aug-08 13:13):

  • dhcpv6-client - fixed IA evaluation order;
  • led - fixed "modem-signal" LEDs (introduced in 6.40);
  • pppoe-client - fixed wrong MRU detection over VLAN interfaces;
  • rb2011 - fixed possible LCD blinking along with ethernet LED (introduced in 6.40);
  • sfp - fixed invalid temperature readings when ambient temperature is below 0C;
  • winbox - added certificate settings;
  • winbox - added support for certificate CRL list;
  • winbox - do not show LCD menu for devices which does not have it;
  • winbox - hide "level" and "tunnel" parameters for IPSec policy templates;
  • winbox - hide FAN speed if it is 0RPM;