Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.37.3

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Изменения в MikroTik RouterOS 6.37.3 (2016-Nov-28 11:11):

  • bgp - do not match all prefixes tagged with community 0:0 by routing filters;
  • bridge - fixed filter Ingress Priority option (broken in 6.36rc8);
  • chr - fixed crash on "/interface print" (introduced in 6.36.4);
  • chr - fixed crash on "/system reboot" and "/system shutdown";
  • crs226 - fixed sfp-sfpplus1 link re-negotiation (broken in 6.37rc28/v6.37.1);
  • disk - fixed issue when disk was renamed after reboot on devices with flash disks;
  • dns - do not resolve incorrect addresses after changes made in static dns entries;
  • dns - improved static dns entry add speed when regexp is being used;
  • dude - (changes discussed here: http://forum.mikrotik.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=112598);
  • firewall - fixed filter rule "limit" parameter by making it visible again;
  • firewall - fixed interface slave state recognition (broken in 6.37.2);
  • firewall - fixed timeout option on address lists with domain name;
  • log - ignore email topic if action is email;
  • mipsbe - improved memory allocation on devices with nand when file transfer and tcp traffic processing is on progress;
  • route - fixed memory leak when route cache is disabled;
  • tile - fixed rare kernel failure when IPv6 neighbor discovery packet is received;
  • traceroute - fixed crash when too many sessions are active;
  • tunnel - allow to force mtu value when actual-mtu is already the same;
  • winbox - recognize properly tcp in traffic-generator packet-template header type;
  • winbox - show HT MCS tab if 2GHz-G/N band is used;