Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.37.2

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Изменения в MikroTik RouterOS 6.37.2 (2016-Nov-08 13:15):

Important note!!! Dude client auto-upgrade to this version will not work. Use http://www.mikrotik.com/download for 6.37.2 client download/install. It will be fixed in soon to be released v6.37.3

Changes since 6.37.1:

!) ethernet - optimized packet processing on low load when irq re-balance is not necessary;
!) fastpath - let one packet per second through slow path to properly update connection timeouts;
!) queues - significantly improved hashing algorithm in dynamic simple queue setups (fixes CPU load spikes on queue removal);

  • arm - improved watchdog reliability;
  • bonding - fixed 802.3ad load balancing over routed VLANs with fastpath enabled;
  • bonding - fixed mac address selection after upgrade;
  • crs - fixed port mirroring halt after L2MTU change;
  • dhcp - do not allow to create dhcp-server on slave interface;
  • ethernet - fixed interface speed reporting for x86 in log after reboot or if "disable-running-check=yes";
  • ethernet - fixed potential loopprotect crash;
  • export - fixed "/interface ethernet switch export" on some boards;
  • export - fixed CRS switch egress-vlan-tag export;
  • fastpath - fixed kernel failure when fastpath traffic goes into loop;
  • fastpath - improved connection tracking timeout updates;
  • firewall - do not allow to increase/decrease ttl and hop-limit by 0;
  • firewall - fixed "connection-state" value disappearance in rules that were created before v6.22;
  • firewall - fixed compact export (introduced in 6.37rc14);
  • firewall - improved "time" option (ranges like 22h-10h now are acceptable);
  • hotspot - fixed nat rule dst-port by making it visible again for Walled Garden ip return rules;
  • ipsec - changed logging topic from error to debug for ph2 transform mismatch messages;
  • ipv6 - increased default max-neighbor-entries value to 8192, same as ipv4;
  • mmips - improved watchdog reliability;
  • package - show minimal supported RouterOS version under "/system resource" menu if it is specified;
  • queue - fixed rare crash on statistic gathering in "/queue tree";
  • queue - improved "time" option (ranges like 22h-10h are now usable);
  • rb2011 - fixed crash on l2mtu changes;
  • sms - fixed crash after modem has failed to start;
  • ssl - fixed potential memory leak ( when using dude for example);
  • torch - fixed aggregate statistics appearance;
  • traffic-flow - fixed dst-port reporting if connection is not maintained by connection tracking;
  • userman - fixed memory leak on user limitation calculations;
  • winbox - added led settings menu;
  • winbox - fixed missing switch menu for mmips devices;