Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.36.2

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What's new in 6.36.2 (2016-Aug-22 12:54):

  • arm - show cpu frequency under resources menu;
  • capsman - fixed upgrade policy;
  • ccr/crs - fixed SFP+ interface ddmi info reporting function. Info is now refreshed on regular intervals;
  • conntrack - fixed ipv6 timeout display;
  • conntrack - fixed removing icmpv6 connections;
  • dns - avoid unnecessary dynamic server address saving in storage;
  • dns - allow to set query-server-timeout and query-total-timeout only greater than 0s;
  • dns - fixed lockup when dynamic dns server address was received;
  • export - updated default values in /system routerboard settings menu;
  • partitions - fixed crash on repartition when there is not enough free space;
  • sstp - fixed disconnects on transmit for multicore systems;
  • switch - fixed configuration reload on CRS switches;
  • winbox - make queue tree default queue type default-small;