Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.36.1

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What's new in 6.36.1 (2016-Aug-05 09:39):

  • address-list - allow DNS names with "_" symbol;
  • address-list - check for duplicates when domain name is used in address field;
  • bridge - fixed kernel failure when set-priority action was used in bridge firewall;
  • dns - avoid unnecessary static entry saving in storage;
  • email - increased time which email tool can spend while sending message;
  • export - removed unnecessary "log-prefix" on firewall export;
  • firewall - fixed time based rules on time/timezone changes;
  • log - logs loaded from disk after reboot didn't have correct topics;
  • lte - fixed access technology update;
  • ovpn - add special exception route for tunnel itself when using add-default-route;
  • ping - fixed freezing on "not running" interfaces;
  • resource - fixed free-memory reporting after disk eject;
  • snmp - fixed packet corruption when multiple trap-targets were used;
  • tile - fixed rare kernel crash when fastpath is being active;
  • traffic-flow - fixed kernel failure when traffic-flow target uses small mtu;
  • upnp - fixed nat rule dst-port by making it visible again;
  • upnp - updated to make it work with more UPnP implementations (for example, latest Skype);
  • vrrp - fixed transition to backup state when ipv6 mode and equal priorities are used;
  • webfig - allowed user password changing (broken in v6.36);
  • x86 - fixed crash when igmp-proxy interface becomes "not running" while passing traffic;