Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.32.2

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What's new in 6.32.2 (2015-Sep-17 15:20):

  • cerm - guard template from parallel use
  • mipsle - fixed missing second level menu in CLI;
  • sstp - avoid routing loops on client when adding default route;
  • sstp - fixed problem where sometimes sstp ip addresses were invalid;
  • switch - fixed bogus log messages about excessive broadcasts/multicasts on master-port;
  • tftp - fix request file name reading from packet
  • pptp encryption - better handling for out-of-order packets;
  • ethernet - added support for new ASIX USB Ethernet dongles;
  • CAPsMAN - fix 100% CPU usage when trying to upgrade RouterOS on CAP;
  • upgrade - fixed default configuration export;
  • ppp - fixed ppp interface stuck in not running state;
  • ipsec - fixed kernel failure when packets were not ordered on first call;
  • upnp - randomize action urls to fix "filet-o-firewall" vulnerability;
  • RB532/RB564 - fixed no link after ethernet disable/enable;
  • romon - fixed default configuration export;
  • tile - fixed occasional deadlock on module unload;
  • mesh - fix router lock-up when interface is added/removed;
  • ipsec - fix sockaddr buf size on id generation for ipv6 address;
  • health - show correct voltage for CRS109,CRS112,CRS210 when powered through PSU and show voltage up to 27V when powered through PoE;
  • email - resolve server address;
  • snmp - show firmware upgrade info;
  • upgrade - report status in check-for-updates.