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What's new in 6.3 (2013-Sep-03 12:25):

  • ssh - fixed denial of service;
  • traceroute - show mpls labels as well;
  • bug fix - sometimes some new interfaces could not be created properly any more (f.e. some pppoe clients could not connect);
  • console - added '/console clear-history' command that clears command-line

history for all users, requires 'policy' policy;

  • sstp - limit packet queue for each device;
  • RB2011L - fixed occasional gigabit switch-chip lockup;
  • user manager - will warn on 1MB and stop before reaching minimum of 500KB disk space;
  • hotspot - do not account traffic to local hotspot pages;
  • ppp, hotspot - added ability to specify where to insert rate limiting queue,

it's parent and type;

  • pptp, l2tp, sstp - allow to specify server via dns name;
  • dhcp - added ability to specify where to insert rate limiting queue;
  • www proxy - support ipv6 parent proxy;
  • webfig - fixed problem when opening quickset page country

was automaticly changed to etsi;

  • traceroute - added mtr like pinging;
  • fix queues - correct queue was not installed when last child removed;
  • fix simple queues - sometimes some simple queues would stop

working after configuration changes;

  • console - fixed issue with local variables having non-empty value

before first assignment;

  • console - fixed command ":global name" without second argument to not

create or change global variable "name", only effect is to make "name" refer to global variable.

  • console - fixed passing local variables as argument to function;
  • RB1200 - fixed crash when receiving over l2mtu size packets

on some ethernet interfaces;