Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.22

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What's new in 6.22 (2014-Nov-11 14:46):

  • ovpn - added support for null crypto;
  • files - allow to remove empty disk folders;
  • sntp - fix problems with dns name resolving failures that were triggering

system watchdog timeout;

  • eoip/eoipv6/gre/gre6/ipip/ipipv6/6to4 tunnels have new features:

tunnels go down when no route to destination; tunnels go down for 1 minute when transmit loop detected, warning gets logged; new keepalive-retries setting; keepalives enabled by default for new tunnels (10sec interval, 10 retries);

  • improved connection-state matcher in firewall - can match multiple states in one rule, supports negation;
  • added connection-nat-state matcher - can match connections that are srcnatted,dstnatted or both;
  • 100% CPU load caused by DNS service fixed;
  • 100% CPU load caused by unclassified services fixed;
  • 6to4 tunnel fixed;
  • new RouterBOOT firmware for Metal 2SHPn to improve wireless stability;