Изменения в RouterOS:Release 6.10

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What's new in 6.10 (2014-Feb-12 13:46):

  • fix autosupout.rif generation after kernel panic;
  • ovpn - make it work again;
  • ovpn client - remove cipher=any %26 auth=any options,

protocol does not support them;

  • pptp - fixed where Windows %26 MacOS clients were disconnecting all the time;
  • sstp - make it work with Windows client with AES encryption;
  • ipv6 pool - fix dynamic prefix disappearing which may influence large

VPNs with IPv6;

  • ssh client - fix key agreement when sometimes wrong DH algorithm was selected;
  • bgp - multipath eBGP now does not propagate BGP nexthop unless

forced in configuration;

  • removed 10/100 half duplex from autonegotiation advertisement on CCR;