Изменения в RouterOS:Release 5.18

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What's new in 5.18 (2012-Jun-21 17:20):

  • fixed upgrade problem when it failed with error "disk is too small" while

there was plenty of space left;

  • fix health and poe access reliability on OmniTIK UPA and RB750UP boards;
  • sstp - improve initial handshake to better handle many new connections;
  • wireless - do not use bridge and WDS mode on AP-AP links, causes loops;
  • dhcp ipv6 pd client - fixed ipv6 pool creation after reboot;
  • dhcp ipv6 pd client - added option add-default-route;
  • sstp - fixed connection idle time reporting;
  • fix bad block count not to increase on Samsung K9F1208U0C nand;
  • snmp - fix dhcp lease table, snmp reported an incorrect information

when a static lease had configured different address than current active address, this should also solve problem with dude polling same leases over and over again;

  • fix RB1100 crash on interface disable/l2mtu change/reboot;
  • dns could not resolve some domain names, was ignoring replies with DNAME RRs;
  • fix firewall log action - sometimes was not logging mac addr;